Behind the Camera

Tina Muegge, founder of TKR Imagery, started shooting concert photography in the Baltimore area before going into the Marine Corps, with a little point and shoot camera.  Since then she's graduated to bigger and better equipment but will never forget the experience that came with the past.  Tina has a past that is as eclectic as her music tastes.  She spent her teen years and young adult years volunteering with the local fire departments in her hometown of Laurel, Maryland.  When she wasn't saving lives, she was off camera in hand shooting photo for groups like Victory Twin, Plunge (aka Cinder Road), Ballyhoo! and a number of others. 


 Late in 2004 Tina signed her life over to the government, choosing to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.  She tearfully left her camera behind to become one of "The Few & The Proud", graduating boot camp in May of 2005.  After months without a camera, she was able to capture some one of a kind shots of her last Sunday on Parris Island, by purchasing  a disposable camera, a padded envelope and postage, and mailing the camera home for after graduation; recruits were forbidden from bringing anything back to the squadbay that day, so she's pretty proud of how devious her mind was that day.


Tina served honorably for four years, and now lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and fellow Marine veteran and fitness model Patrick, their children, 4 ferrets, 3 cats and 2 dogs.  When she is not behind her camera, she enjoys spending time with her family and singing karaoke.  She is blessed to get to continue to serve her fellow veterans in her day job and fulfill her heart's work after hours behind the camera.

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